23 April 2020
Apothicaire Space Marines

What race of Warhammer 40,000 is right for you?

Are you looking for the ideal Warhammer 40K army? Please note that there is a simple and quick test that is quite funny and allows you to know exactly which […]
24 March 2020
Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Which Warhammer Age of Sigmar faction choose to start ?

Between the factions of Order, Chaos, Destruction and Death present in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe, you don’t know exactly which one to choose? Beware of making a hazardous […]
23 March 2020
Création d'un Ultramarines

Which Warhammer 40K faction choose to start ?

Given the multitude of factions in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, it’s not easy for any novice player to choose the right army. However, it is important to choose your first […]
23 March 2020
Space Marines Imperium

Alternative Bitz and Proxy Warhammer 40k : Which range to choose?

Bitz and proxies are a great way to customize your Warhammer 40k miniature army and make it even more unique. But what are the brands of alternative miniatures that we […]
22 March 2020
Space marines contre Space Marines du Chaos

Imperium or Chaos – Which Space Marines army to play in Warhammer 40k ?

You want to build an army of Space Marines miniatures to play Warhammer 40k but you don’t know which one to choose between the Imperium and Chaos miniatures? This is […]
22 March 2020
Micro Art Studio Bases

How do you get beautiful bases for your Warhammer miniatures ?

The bases are made to hold your miniatures and play your miniatures, but they will mainly be used to enhance your Warhammer miniatures and give consistency to your army. To […]
22 March 2020
Valise à figurines Citadel

3 ways to transport your Warhammer miniatures !

Looking for an efficient solution to store and transport your Warhammer miniatures safely? Even if you have a multitude of possibilities, the different existing solutions are not all the same, […]
20 March 2020
Figurine Space Wolves aimantés

Why should you magnet your Warhammer miniatures ?

Are you fed up with seeing your favorite Warhammer miniatures getting damaged every time you move, having trouble storing or transporting them? Or you’re looking for a way to make […]
19 March 2020
Outils de Modélisme

What modeling tools do you need for Warhammer ?

Model making is an essential and inseparable part of Games Workshop’s Warhammer hobby. To carry out this activity, you will first of all need a set of well adapted tools […]
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