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Grenade A Bullgryns and Ogryns Astra Militarum.


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Grenade A Bullgryns and Ogryns Astra Militarum.

Originally from Bullgryns and Ogryns Astra Militarum box of Warhammer 40k range.

Number of item / bits: 1

Suitable for miniatures in 28mm scale.

Type : Warhammer 40000 - Elite - Astra Militarum - Bullgryns / Ogryns.

Material : Plastic

The Ogryns are abhumans of gigantic stature, they come from high gravity planet where they have evolved into a true war machine. The Imperium uses Ogryns for their incredible strength and devotion to the Emperor. They are formidable soldiers forcing enemy lines from the battlefields of Warhammer 40k, armed with their formidable Ripper gun and heavy armor they are perfect for open a breach. Choose Ogryn and Bullgryn bits to convert your guard.


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