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5 alternative bits brands to discover for Warhammer 40k!

5 alternative bits brands to discover for Warhammer 40k !

When you have a creative mind or a well-defined idea of what you want to do with your miniature, you can quickly reach limits with spare parts from Games Workshop boxes! If you didn’t know it yet, several brands specialize in creating alternative bits for miniatures with Warhammer 40k proportions.

Valise à figurines Citadel

3 ways to transport your Warhammer miniatures !

Looking for an efficient solution to store and transport your Warhammer miniatures safely? Even if you have a multitude of possibilities, the different existing solutions are not all the same, each one having its advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost of protecting the miniatures or efficiency. It’s up to

Figurine Space Wolves aimantés

Why should you magnet your Warhammer miniatures ?

Are you fed up with seeing your favorite Warhammer miniatures getting damaged every time you move, having trouble storing or transporting them? Or you’re looking for a way to make interchangeable parts on your miniatures to adapt their equipment to each part. And what if we told you that the

Outils de Modélisme

What modeling tools do you need for Warhammer ?

Model making is an essential and inseparable part of Games Workshop’s Warhammer hobby. To carry out this activity, you will first of all need a set of well adapted tools and accessories because it’s simply easier with them. Sold as kits or individually, these easy-to-find and easy-to-use tools will be


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