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Dark Vengeance

The content of the box Dark Vengeance to detail, all models available in detached parts and complete. Rulebook, dice game and bitz Dark Vengeance at the best price.

The Dark Angels Company Master Balthasar investigating a chaotic upheaval on the world of Bane. The assumptions were based, the Chaos Cultists of the Purple Carnage allied with cultists Tetchvar sect and sect Anarkus stand against the Dark Angels. Outnumbered but supported by Deathwing Terminator Barachiel of motorcycles and the Ravenwings. Dark Angels will they cope with a demonic entity and prevent an era of darkness.
Only Balthasar and Dark Angels are still standing between freedom of Bane and depraved world to come as soon as the implacable Kranon achieve its goals in the world of Warhammer 40k.


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