Shoulder Pad C
      Shoulder Pad C

      Shoulder Pad C

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      Shoulder Pad C Blood Angels Space Marines Death Company.

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      Shoulder Pad C Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Death Company bitz

      Originally from Blood Angels Death Company box of Warhammer 40k range.

      Number of item / bits : 1

      Suitable for miniatures in 28mm scale.

      Type : Warhammer 40000 - Elite - Blood Angels Space Marines - Death Company.

      Material : Plastic

      The Death Company of the Blood Angels chapter is a unique unit in any Space Marine chapters of the Imperium. A Space Marine Blood Angels integrates Death Company when the heavy burden of the death of their Primarch happened ten centuries ago is no longer bearable. For some, the call of the past is too powerful, the memories too loud, too grueling pain they cannot repress it in the deepest recesses of their being, the black rage is there. The Marines of that company are doomed warriors, because many of the Blood Angels to deliver themselves to be incorporated and find a quick death rather than suffer the deprivation of their own folly. They will fight to the death ignoring injuries that would have killed them in normal times. If they survive in battle, they will probably succumb to their terrible injuries afterwards, once the frenzy of the last battle.

      The Blood Angels Death Company Bitz allows you to give life to your desires or improve your miniatures with Blood Angels Space Marines bits, warhammer 40k bitz from the Bitz Store are exclusively from new boxes. 

      Add in your bitzbox, Blood Angels Space Marines Death Company bits - Bitz Store is your Warhammer 40k Bits retailer Bits.

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      Shoulder Pad C

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