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      Head A Primaris Intercessors bitz for Space Marines.

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      Head A bitz of Primaris Intercessors from Space Marines for Warhammer 40k


      A Primaris Intercessor, which can be part of an Intercessor squad, is the standard multi-role heavy infantry unit of the Primaris Space Marines. The Intercessors have a combat function similar to that of a tactical Space Marine squad.

      Primaris Space Marines are a form of transhuman warriors developed over a period of ten thousand years by Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl of Mars on the order of Primarca Roboute Guilliman in the days immediately following the second foundation at the beginning of the 31st millennium. Cawl used the genetic model of the original Space Marines created by the Emperor for his Great Crusade as a starting point for the development of these new Astarts.


      The Primaris Intercessors bitz allows you to give life to your desires or improve your miniatures with Space Marines bits, Warhammer 40k bitz from the BitzStore are exclusively from new boxes

      Primaris Intercessors bitz feature

      Originally from Primaris Intercessors box of Warhammer 40k miniature game.

      • Number of item / bits : 1
      • Suitable for miniatures in 28mm scale.
      • Type : Warhammer 40000 - Troop - Space Marines - Primaris Intercessors.
      • Material : Plastic


      Add in your bitzbox, Primaris Intercessors bits - BitzStore is your Warhammer 40k Bits retailer Bits.

      Disclaimer: All components are sold unpainted and unassembled, the proposed components are small sized and pointed, it is not advisable to propose as a game for children under 12.

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