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Right Arm C Sicarian Infiltrators & Sicarian Ruststalker bitz for Adeptus Mechanicus.

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Right Arm C bitz of Sicarian Infiltrators & Sicarian Ruststalker from Adeptus Mechanicus for Warhammer 40k

The Skitarii are the cybernetic military forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Imperium of Man. The Skitarii are born warriors. They are proud of their sacred work, boasting of the power of the Omniscient that drives them to greater and greater feats.

A Sicarian Ruststalker is one of the cybernetic assassins of the Skitarii Legion of Adeptus Mechanicus, soldiers driven to murder by the mutilation of their former lives.

Sicarian Infiltrators are perhaps the most sinister of the Skitarii warriors, as their neurostatic bombardment deprives their victims of their senses. When they hunt, they emit a white noise that fills the visual, auditory and even olfactory spectra with interference, leaving their opponent virtually helpless before the kill begins.

The Sicarian Infiltrators & Sicarian Ruststalker bitz allows you to give life to your desires or improve your miniatures with Adeptus Mechanicus bits, Warhammer 40k bitz from the BitzStore are exclusively from new boxes

Sicarian Infiltrators & Sicarian Ruststalker bitz feature

Originally from Sicarian Infiltrators & Sicarian Ruststalker box of Warhammer 40k miniature game.

  • Number of item / bits : 1
  • Suitable for miniatures in 28mm scale.
  • Type : Warhammer 40000 - Troop - Adeptus Mechanicus - Sicarian Infiltrators & Sicarian Ruststalker.
  • Material : Plastic

Add in your bitzbox, Sicarian Infiltrators & Sicarian Ruststalker bits - BitzStore is your Warhammer 40k Bits retailer Bits.

Disclaimer: All components are sold unpainted and unassembled, the proposed components are small sized and pointed, it is not advisable to propose as a game for children under 12.

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