Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons
      Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons

      Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons

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      Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons Spellcrow bits.

      Kit contains 5 Space Knights Doublesaw weapons with arms ideal for use with 28mm scale models. Perfect for converting figures for different games. The product is high quality cast resin. Needs to be cleaned and painted.

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      Spellcrow Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons bits

      Use Spellcrow bits to convert and customize your miniatures to your own specifications. Spellcrow bits and miniatures are perfectly compatible with 1:28 scale miniatures and fit the proportions of the futuristic Warhammer 40k or fantasy Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe and many other wargames. The bits offered by BitzStore are perfect as a substitute for your miniatures.

      Quality Spellcrow bits !

      The bits selected by BitzStore will be perfect for your converted miniature army, Spellcrow sculpts miniatures and bits for wargame of very high quality. Take advantage of the expertise of Spellcrow's passionate sculptors.

      Warning : All components are sold unpainted and unassembled, as the components offered are small and sharp, it is not recommended to offer them as a game to children under 12.

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      Black Templars
      Blood Angels
      Dark Angels
      Space Marines
      Space Wolves

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      Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons

      Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons

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