Shoulder Pad C
      Shoulder Pad C

      Shoulder Pad C

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      Shoulder Pad C Space Marine Sternguard Squad.


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      Shoulder Pad C Space Marine Sternguard Squad.

      Originally from Space Marine Sternguard Squad box of the Warhammer 40k range, 2013 edition.

      Number of item / bits: 1

      Suitable for miniatures in 28mm scale.

      Type : Warhammer 40000 - Elites - Space Marine - Sternguard Squad.

      In an Astartes Space Marine chapter the first company gathers elite Space Marine Sternguard are members. The Sternguard Squad is composed of veterans whose experience is matched by very few Space Marine, hardened by a rigorous and intense training process, users of the best weapons available to the Imperium. In a battle Sternguard prefer to confront their enemies from a distance where their martial art is optimum. A simple swarm of bolter enough to melt the xenos on a battlefield.


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