Space Marines Ultramarines Transfers V2
      Space Marines Ultramarines Transfers V2

      Space Marines Ultramarines Transfers V2

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      Space Marines Transfers sheet for Ultramarines chapter V2.

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      Space Marines Transfers sheet for Ultramarines chapter V2

      Transfers to use on Warhammer 40k Space Marines miniatures of the Ultramarines chapter. The decals board contains :

      • Ultramarines transfers
      • Tactical squad transfers
      • Assault squad transfers
      • Devastator squad transfers
      • Commande squad transfers
      • Veteran squad transfers
      • Squad numbers transfers

      How to apply decals on a miniature of Space Marines

      Equip yourself with a cutter for cutting decals, a small container of water and a soft brush for depositing the decals. It is not necessary to use model glue for this operation.

      Step 1: Cut the transfer of your choice using a cutter or a small chisel, large enough to accommodate it to the desired location on the miniature. It is not necessary to crop completely.

      Step 2: Immerse the decals in water for 10 to 30 seconds, if the immersion time was enough the transfer should dissociate from the decal sheet easily. Slide with your finger or the brush to detach the transfer of its support sheet, place it on a wet sponge pending. If you feel that the decal does not come off easily, do not force and replace it in water a few second.

      Step 3: Take the decals with a tweezer or a soft brush, lightly dampened, drag it to the desired position on the miniature. When the transfer is at the right place, take the towel. Lightly press it for adhering and push any air bubbles trapped under the decals.

      Step 4 (optional): optional but recommended step. To preserve the decals back in time we recommend that you place a light varnish on the decals when it’s dry. You can use support products applying on decals, find in commerce they can protect the decals before soaking them in water, eased the decal so that it applies properly on non-planar areas. These components are optional, but may simplify the task in some cases.

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      Space Marines Ultramarines Transfers V2

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