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      PoxWalkers Dark Imperium Wharmmer 40k miniatures.

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      PoxWalkers Dark Imperium Wharmmer 40k miniatures

      This product is from the basic box Dark Imperium, the best box of miniature to start Warhammer 40k, most certainly the best value for money for Space Marine Primaris figurines and the figures of the Death Guard. These figurines before being separated in this form were included among 53 detailed Citadel figurines, Warhammer's 40,000 full hardcover booklet, two additional flexible booklets containing the rules and history of the figurines supplied, and all the accessories to start playing as soon as possible.

      Now available for purchase by the unit, take the opportunity to chat the figurine that interests you!

      Enhance your miniatures with BitzStore Bitz and Warhammer 40k miniatures. All bits and figures are exclusively from new boxes.

      The Death Guard progresses heavily and inexorably in the humming of thick clouds of flies. Puffy, rotten and disease-ridden, these revolting traitors are virtually immune to pain. Each Heretic Astartes is dedicated to spreading the nauseating blessings of Nurgle the God of Epidemics, and to executing the will of Mortarion, their demon Primarch cadaveric.

      Dark Imperium Product Features

      •         Originally from the Dark Imperium box of the Warhammer 40,000 range from Games Workshop.
      •         Number of figurines : 10
      •         Suitable for 28mm scale figures.
      •         Material: Plastic

      Dark Imperium figurines are available for sale, in bit form, therefore unassembled and unpainted.

      Add Death Guard Chaos Space Marines bits and figures to your bitzbox - with BitzStore, your 40k Warhammer bitz shop.

      Warning: All components are sold unpainted and unassembled, the proposed components being small and sharp, it is not advisable to offer them as games to children under 12 years.

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